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From “Call-to-action” videos, clean up to restorations, We are honored to have been a part of these projects.


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At the Abandoned Atlas Foundation (AAF) our main goals are preservation and education. Through historical research articles, endangered nominations, call-to-action videos, and public outreach we pool together resources. Using these resources we educate the public and potential investors on the history, the why and the how. The history of the buildings we advocate for is important because it represents the community, we then educate on why these buildings are in danger and why they should be saved. Using call-to-action videos and working closely with owners we bring awareness and attention to conditions of locations and what they should know in order to best restore them. We have gathered over a hundred trusted volunteers that are passionate about saving history. Through securing windows and doors, lawn maintenance, cleanup, painting, and other forms of help we can get these buildings in better condition to draw in investors and developers.

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