Project Description

Helping to sell and protect

In September of 2020, I stumbled across this beautiful church in Terral. Not knowing any history I immediately talked with neighbors (from more than 6 feet away) and was able to find some info. However, I was so overtaken with the beauty of this place that when I contacted the owner and he let me inside, I knew I wanted to help him out anyway I could.

Roy, the owner, mentioned he was going to restore it about 10 years ago, but now due to his health, he wasn’t able to keep it going. He was looking to sell. Once we posted this location it was apparent that I was not alone in wanting to save this place. Comments were pouring in as well as a few offers.

As of right now we are planning a volunteer day to help clean this place up, secure it and help Roy find a buyer want want to repair it.

Want to buy an abandoned church?

Getting in contact with the owner, we discovered he is looking to sell the property and hopes that someone with rehabilitation intentions will purchase it. If you are looking into buying this property, please email us at We can put you in touch with the owner. Serious inquiries only, thank you!

Help Us Save Our History!

With your help through donations and volunteer work we can help secure buildings from vandalism, general upkeep, lawn maintenance, and give them a second chance!