Mountainaire Hotel

2014-07-05 11.15.40The Mountainaire Hotel, AKA “the Mountaineer Hotel,” is one of the finest examples of Art Moderne architecture in the area and perhaps even in the state. The twin buildings were constructed in 1947 during the motor tourism era of Hot Springs. Constructed of white brick and clay tile, with concrete floors and asphalt roofs, the buildings are each four stories tall.

Restoration Efforts

The pair were sold most recently in 2016 by Ann Mayle, who planned to turn them into condos while restoring them back to the original architecture. The process was long and many efforts were made, including our outreaching with their Facebook page and with our History Rescue Program,

Throughout the year our Arkansas Project Manager, Eddy Sisson, reached out to our list of volunteers and were able to help assist an by:

  • Helping to install boards over windows and doors
  • Lawn care
  • Sweeping / Cleaning up debris
  • Removing graffiti
  • Power washing the exterior
  • Managing social media pages
  • Reaching out to Local news stations about the progress
  • Helping to spread the word

However, money became an issue as the process slowly took place. We were rooting for Ann and her efforts and we tried to help draw in interest and help, but unfortunately, the building is up for sale once again.

Helping to Sell Property

After the twin buildings went up for sale once again, we became increasingly nervous about the future of this gem. With our outreach we posted to social media and emailed all of our contacts. Shortly after posting we were bombarded with offers of purchasing from local and national developers at which point we passed the offers on to the owners and Real Estate Agents. Not long after, we are happy to announce that these buildings sold to new developers on Oct. 29th, 2020. The new developers have plans to transition these two buildings into single family units! We will be following their efforts closely.

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  1. We purchase old motel -hotel properties to reopen as boutique Hotel properties . Your Market. Looks good for our purposes .. thanks Erick Baer..

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