As a 501(3)(c) Non-profit Organization including our three websites (AOK, AAR and AKS) we are dedicated to preserving the past. Through photography, research and documentation, we are able to capture the history and stories of these great locations. We are passionate about architecture and preservation. We want to share with the world the beautiful locations we have in Arkansas and Oklahoma. After documenting and sharing our photos since 2009, now we hope to take our organization to a new level we have always wanted to go, and we need YOUR help!

Recently, we started a volunteer community called the, History Rescue Program, to take action and help clean-up/restore these places by working with the owner.

  • Helping owners of historic buildings with clean up labor
  • Something about using tools?
  • Painting!
  • Lawn care, trimming, bushes, etc.

Have you recently purchased an abandoned or historic property and need help with labor? Sign up for our History Rescue Program or Donate to a project below.

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Arkansas, Kansas & Oklahoma


Help Us Save Our History!

With your help through donations and volunteer work we can help secure buildings from vandalism, general upkeep, lawn maintenance, and give them a second chance!