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Preservation Oklahoma Archives

In 2022 the Abandoned Atlas Foundations Oklahoma Division was honored to have collaborated with Preservation Oklahoma. As another statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to saving Oklahoma’s

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How to Clean a Cemetery

FAQ Cemeteries Do I need permission before working in a cemetery? Yes! Permission should be requested in advance of performing any cemetery preservation work. Depending on the

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Historic Edwards Store Cleanup

We are working with the Historic Edwards Store owner and preservationist, Chrissy Gray Dickmeyer, planning two volunteer days in Red Oak, Oklahoma and need your support! Located close

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Travel Map

After an uncertain and tough few years on traveling and tourism, the Abandoned Atlas Foundation came up with a brilliant way to encourage historic tourism

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Cottage Court

Historic Preservation Case Study | Marketing Video Located in Hot Springs, AR, this district of motor courts just off of Highway 7 near downtown. It

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At the Abandoned Atlas Foundation (AAF) our main goals are preservation and education. Through historical research articles, endangered nominations, call-to-action videos, and public outreach we pool together resources.