Uncovering a Lost Mural | Happy Feed Store | Bald Knob, AR

Abandoned Atlas member, Gage Fears went to the city council meetings in Bald Knob on multiple occasions to try and stop the demolition, but unfortunately was unsuccessful.

Even though the building is now marked from the wrecking ball, Fears was granted an opportunity to photograph the interior and restore the mural that had been covered up with stucco.

On Sunday (5/15/2022), two of our team members, Michael Schwarz and Gage Fears, along with the help of Bald Knob Mayor, Barth Grayson, were given the opportunity to remove stucco off of a building to reveal a mural that hasn’t been seen in over 70+ years. The building was the former Happy Feed Store (later the Forbes Lumber Co.), And was slates for demo on May 2nd, 2022.

History on the building and full building documentation coming soon!

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