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In 2022 the Abandoned Atlas Foundations Oklahoma Division was honored to have collaborated with Preservation Oklahoma. As another statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to saving Oklahoma’s architectural and cultural heritage, Preservation Oklahoma is often in the thick of the battle. From saving historic sites to promoting preservation-friendly legislation at all levels of government, they work diligently to promote preservation efforts across the state.

Part of this fight for preservation includes the annual release of the Most Endangered Places list that highlights some of the state’s at-risk structures. Abandoned Atlas’s Oklahoma Division collaborated with Preservation Oklahoma to log and organize their Most Endangered List archives from all previous years dating back to 1993 and include links to the Abandoned Oklahoma website for people to read the full history and see more pictures of the nominated sites. 

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  1. I am working to save the Capitol Hill High School building from demolition by the OKCPS Board and its superintendent. They are in the process of contracting with MA+ Architects to design a new building to replace the existing historic CHHS building. I think that once the design process is underway, the fate of the historic building will be sealed. There will be several additional demolitions of historic school buildings as part of the recently passed school bond issue. It is becoming abundantly clear that Superintendent McDaniel wants to raze every remaining historic school building in OKC. What ever assistance POK can offer will be much appreciated. Thanks

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